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Sarnia Seamless Gutters

Sarnia Seamless Gutters came about as a response to enquiries from builders, architects and surveyors who were interested in the product being made available locally.

It offers a breakthrough in conventional guttering. Up to 30 metres in length of durable, lightweight and more importantly, seamless, guttering.


The guttering we offer is low maintenance as it has sufficient capacity to handle large volumes of water without overflowing. It is made from recycled aluminium and is available in five different colours. We bring the guttering to your site where it is cut and shaped in situ to your specific requirements – the only guttering that can be supplied this way.

We arrive on site with flat rolls of aluminium 140m in length which are fed through a machine and moulded into the correct shape which sets within 30 seconds.

We can then fit guttering up to 30m in one single length and because there are no joints, there are no leaks or visible brackets.