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Sarnia Pools

Our friendly and professional team of pool experts have between them, over 35 years experience in fitting pools.

We offer a unique, eco-friendly and cost-effective method of pool construction and are able to find a bespoke solution to all pool shapes and sizes. For full details, check out our Sarnia Pools website www.sarniapools.co.uk

Swim Smarter

Sarnia Pools offers the intelligent, greener alternative to traditional methods of swimming pool construction and refurbishment. Unparalleled in its flexibility to adapt to any scale or design, the technology can easily be made to fit the space you have available.

The unique system takes away the hassle of maintaining a swimming pool and the worry of its affordability, without compromising on style or quality – meaning you can spend less time looking after your pool and more time enjoying it!

The experienced team at Sarnia Pools has successfully built up a project portfolio, servicing a variety of public and private clients. Whether you favour more traditional or contemporary designs, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to the colours, patterns and textures that create the ‘finishing touch’ to your new lifestyle.


Using a technology favoured by public Olympic sized swimming pool contractors, we provide our clients with a finished pool that is more affordable and easier to maintain. This type of pool construction is unparalleled in its flexibility to adapt to any scale or design and is the only system that guarantees a watertight seal for a minimum of 10 years.

Installation is quick and easy and can also be adapted to transform existing pools, getting rid of unsightly cracked and discoloured tiles, taking as little as three days.

Clients are able to choose from a wide array of colours, patterns, textures and finishes, to create stylish and durable swimming pools. They are able to easily maintain their Sarnia Pools swimming pool with a simple basic cleaning regime.